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Beat the Heat this Summer
Wear a Neck Tie Cooler and a Cool Hat with a magic Cool Pad...

Members receive a 10% discount on all Neck Tie Coolers and Cool Hats

How do these personal body cooling products work to cool you off? The secret is in the highly absorbent polymer crystals which retain water when soaked, forming a cooling gel that feels heavenly on a parching hot day. The cooling bands cool the blood in the carotid artery that runs to the brain up the back of the neck. This cooled blood then travels through your bloodstream, helping to cool the entire body.

The neck coolers come in an array of sizes and designs, with colours and patterns to please even the most discerning of buyers.

The Cool Hats shade, cool and protect. They are made from a brilliant breathable micromesh, which allows hot air to escape the head but are still rated an outstanding SPF 50+. They come in various brim and head sizes, to suit all members of the family. A magic Cool Pad discreetly fits into the double crown of the hat.

The cooling hats and neckties can be reused hundreds of times, and are a fun affordable way to keep your family cool.

If you're stuck for a unique, lightweight, useful, unisex gift idea, these cooling neckties and squashable, washable, comfy cooling hats make the perfect choice.

As if any other incentive is needed, every online purchase also helps raise money for cancer research.

Don't lament the heat this summer, or restrict yourself to indoor activities only.

Keep cool with a Neck Tie Cooler or Cool Hats cooling hat!

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