TUH Health Fund

All Union Shopper members and their families can enjoy the same great benefits we’ve been offering teachers for over 40 year.

Click the ‘Claim this offer’ button below and we’ll contact you about health insurance options, rates, benefits and services that may make the big for-profit funds feel just a little bit queasy.

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Union Shopper members and their family members can now become members of our member-owned health fund.

That’s a lot of members to remember, but all you really have to remember is TUH Health Fund:

  • We’re member owned by people like you. While you’re busy getting on with the job, you can rely on us to take good care of you.
  • You get quality care that keeps getting better, with over 10% more benefits paid per person to members than the industry average last year1.
  • You can use any dentist or optometrist in Australia or any one of our 116 preferred dentists throughout Queensland.
  • Members stay with us and stay happy, giving us a satisfaction rating of 96%2.
  • We’re growing five times faster than the industry average3, with over half our new members recommended by family and friends.
  • You can access a comprehensive range of member services 24/7 with Member Services Online.
  • Switching is easy – a ten minute chat will take care of the paperwork and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy!

Contact TUH Health Fund today.

Sources: 1 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (Sep 2014- 2015), 2 Discovery Research, 2016, 3 Privatehealth.gov.au/FAQ (Jan-Dec 2015)

Queensland Teachers’ Union Health Fund Limited ABN 38 085 150 376.


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